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Priority Valve Service

In these days of spending freezes and cut backs, it gets harder and harder to keep a plant running.  If you have Specialty Valves that are too costly to replace, but vital to your process, send them to us to be refurbished.  We will repair any brand of Piston or Disk style valves.  Do you have valves failing to get tight shutoff?  Do you have valves with packing leakage problems? We will disassemble, inspect and send you an estimate of pricing and the all important ship date.  We will offer Expedited service to get your process back up and running, You get it to us cleaned and we will REBUILD IT, Hydro test it and get it back FAST

 CALL 610-737-5330 OR 610-507-7783




Typical Repairs

· Repair Damaged Seat

· Weld repair cracks in body

· Install new seals and packing and re-hydro test

· Repair damage to actuator caused by leaking packing

· Upgrade antiquated design

· Modify valve to new process conditions




We have the physical capability to weld, remachine, or replace any component that you may have.  Our welders are qualified to ASME SECTION IX and we weld or machine carbon steel to exotic alloys.  We have experience in high pressure, high temperature, cryogenic and steam service.